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January 23, 2022

“All in the synagogue had their eyes fixed on him.”




how to listen to God's word

All the people in the synagogue
had their eyes fixed  on Jesus.

Luke 4:20

Years ago there was a Broadway play called The Royal Hunt of the Sun. It concerned Spain’s conquest of the Indians in Peru in the
16th century. One scene especially moving. An Indian chief was handed a Bible and told that it is God’s Word. The chief put it to his ear. When he heard nothing, he felt duped and slammed the Bible down in anger. The scene makes us ask: “How ought we to listen to God's Word at Mass?" The 3rd-century homilist, Origen,
used to tell his congregations:

 “You receive the body of Christ Lord with special care lest the least crumb of the consecrated bread fall to the floor. Receive the word of the Lord with equal care, lest the least word of it fall to the floor and be lost.”

How carefully do I listen to God's
word when it is read at Mass?