Sunday Page

November 28, 2021

“Pray constantly... to escape whatever is in prospect and to stand secure before the Son of Man.”




what corn teaches us

Jesus said, "Be on the alert,
praying at all times for strength.

Luke 21: 36

Right after farmers plant corn, they pray for rain--lots of rain. Once the corn gets a good start, farmers do some thing strange. They pray for a "dry" period to force the corn's roots to travel down in search of water. Unless its roots reach the water level, the corn will wither and die when the summer dry season sets in--it will have no water supply to grow and stay healthy.
Our prayer life is a lot like that. After giving us a good start, God gives us a "dry" period to force
our prayer roots down to the "faith" level, rather than stay at the "feeling" level. application to
my life

What is the danger if we remain
at the feeling level of prayer?

The only way to stay on our feet
and stand-in this crazy world of
ours is to get down on our knees.