Sunday Page

May 8, 2022

“My sheep hear my voice.”





I hear with my heart

My sheep listen to my voice, know and follow me. John 10:27

Jamie D'Alessandro died of cancer at age 8. In the final final days, his mother heard him talking at night. She’d hurry to see he needed help. After she did this a few times, Jamie said, “Mom, don’t come when you hear me. Usually, I’m talking to God." She told her husband this. Fearing Jamie might he might be losing touch with reality, he asked Jaime, “When you talk to God does he talk back?” Looking surprised at his dad's question, he said, "Dad, I don't hear God with my ears. He answers me in my heart.”
Tina D'Allesandro in "America" magazine

How do I hear God's voice most clearly in my own life?

Precious Lord, take my hand . . .
thro' the storm, thro' the night,

lead me to the light. . . .
take my hand, Precious Lord, lead me home.
Thomas Dorsey