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May 29

Daughter of Count Anthony Ledochowska, a Polish noble, and an Austrian mother. One of five children in a pious family; sister of Saint Theresa Ledochowska. Due to family financial failure, they moved to Saint Poelten, Poland in 1873. Her father died of smallpox in February 1885, and Julia's uncle Cardinal Lebo assumed responsibility for them.

Julia felt a call to religious life, and became an Ursuline nun, taking the name Ursula. Founded the Ursulines of the Sacred Heart (Ursuline Sisters of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus, Gray Ursulines) in 1906 with the motherhouse in Pniewy, Poland. Missionary to Russia in 1907 by order of Pope Pius X. Expelled during the Communist Revolution, she continued her work throughout Scandanavia. Translated and published a catechism in Finnish. At the request of Pope Benedict XV, she moved to Rome. From there she administered her Order, and inspired others. A noted orator, she frequently spoke before royalty and national leaders. Called for, and defended the right of Polish independence. The Gray Ursulines continue their work today in Poland, Italy, France, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Finland, Germany, Tanzania, Belarus, and Ukraine.